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Hello everybody. So everyday you guys come in and ask what the differences between original quality screen and generic quality screen. besides the huge difference in price theres different materials used in each screen when they are produced. From what i learned there is many different qualities and not just these two. We start with highest quality to lowest.

  • Original (from Apple) - The screen that originally comes with your phone is the best. Best in the market that you can get for the iPhone. Now these are really hard to find. Luckily our supplier has some very good friends that have very good friends that have very good friends that can get these for us. Some of witch are from used iPhones that never made it into a consumers hand.
  • Original Refurbished - These screens are the ones we take off your currently broken device and they go through refurbishment process to make them new again. Wether its replacing the broken glass/frame or even using the backlight from a bad LCD, its doable.
  • OEM - These screens can be anywhere from original to high Chinese copy. Many people call the original screens OEM screens.
  • Generic Screen- Now these are what most other repair shops use due to the high profit margins and very low material costs. (NOT US) although we do offer this quality to some customers that want to save some money we don't recommend it. Not saying they're bad screens. The lifespan is just not as good as the others. So what is generic? These could be a mixture of original and generic parts. Most of witch are produced in high volumes. Theres LG, Sharp, Longteng, TianMA, Senchao, Boe incell and probably more. All of with are around 30% to 60% cheaper than the original and original refurbished. Thinner glass and plasma like LCD are the biggest reason we don't recommend these.

Although i do get most of this information from my suppliers and some other people in the industry. I cannot say its 100% accurate information but i do gurenetee that we only use the top quality screens available for our customers and back that up with a minimum of 6 month warranty on all repairs but iPad and iPhone screen repairs at a lifetime warranty. Please feel free to subm...

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Hello everybody. thank you for taking the time to read this. Im not a blog writer or a writer type at all but i will try to update this as soon as I'm able to. My goal it to let you know about this industry and certain things relating to the industry and thing that can help you understand why we do what we do and how we can really help. Thanks again for taking the time to read this once again.



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